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to the graduating students, i just went through that season and had a chance to talk to many, many graduating law students, and i talked about those four words come and i said, you have read millions of board to get to today. you only have to think about four words. they are inscribed over the supreme court of the united states. "equal justice under law." it doesn't say "equal justice for the rich and powerful and privileged." equal justice. "under lock" the meet -- needs the rule of law under the constitution. -- "under law" means the rule of law under the constitution. when i was leaving cuba, we were taken off the plane and held incommunicado in a private room. there were just locked rooms. you didn't know if you would ever see your family again. it only takes one night of that to change your life forever. in many ways, i believe that was the moment i decided to be a lawyer. i never wanted to feel so helpless again in my life. i also knew what was happening there was wrong and that somebody should care about it. if i ever had an opportunity to make a difference, i would do that. i believe that
a proposed law that would reduce felony drug possession crimes to a misdemeanor. this is what 13 states have done. we not only bring these issues to the forefront, but have the opportunity to participate -- and we have cards that you could fill out and questions. this promises to be a year of reform and change like we have never seen, and we now see prisoner reentry programs being implemented. we're still spending too much money and resources and not enough on rehabilitation and reentry. this november, the voters will decide on limiting the three strikes law. issues and measures long overdue. it is clear there is much more that needs to be done. according to a study that was published this month -- since 1989, 2000 people have been wrongfully incarcerated and they served collectively, 10,000 years. an average of 11 years person. i would like to thank the people who made this summit possible. memoranda -- amy devon -- many volunteers and all of our speakers and panelists. i would like to thank the co- sponsors, and the bar association of san francisco. i would like to thank them for their hel
are able to avoid that background check. and that has to be, what happens if the law isn't changed? the law has to change. the best explanation that i have heard has been from an atf agent who said it would be like after 9-11 saying we're going to screen all air passengers at every airport in 60 percent of the states. it doesn't make sense. and it's not an inconvenience. i was telling the speaker on the way in i got a text message from a san francisco resident who i've known all of his life and he's known me all of his life. i know his parents, they live around the corner from me in st. helena he wanted to be here and he said i want you to know i fully support the universal background checks for anybody who buys a gun. and you know it's not inconvenient, you know, it works because a few years ago, mike, i bought a gun from you and we walked down the street -- we drove down the street to steve's hardware in downtown st. helena, i filled out the gun, he filled out the paperwork, he paid $23 or $24 dollars, in a few days he came in, he knew i had not used the gun in a crime, he
law enforcement in poor communities of color and attempting to assist people who have been released from prison enter into a society which had never shown much use for them in the first place, i had a series of experiences that began what i now call my awakening. i began to awaken to a racial reality that is just so obvious to me now that what seems odd in retrospect is that i could have been blind to it for so long. as i write in the introduction to my book, "the new jim crow," what has changed since the collapse of jim crow has less to do with the basic structure of of our society than the language we use to justify it. in the era of color blindness, it is no longer socially permissible to use race explicitly as a justification for discrimination, exclusion and southerly contempt. social contempt. so we don't. rather than rely on race, we use our criminal justice system to label people of color criminals and then engage in all the practices that we supposedly left behind. today it is perfectly legal to discriminate against criminals in nearly all the ways in which it was once lega
against the defense of marriage act which he signed into law in 1996. the legislation defines marriage as between a man and a woman. now clinton wants the supreme court to declare it unconstitutional. in an opinion piece to "the washington post," clinton questions if the act goes against the principles of freedom, equality and justice. he writes "as a president who signed the act into law, i have come to believe that the defense of marriage act is contrary to those principles and in fact incompatible with our constitution." >>> residents along the northeast still battling the latest blast of winter weather. you could see it in dan lothian's live shot lots of wind, from new york to new england, snow expected to turn to rain as temperatures rise before clearing out tomorrow. wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour also likely. meteorologist samantha mohr joins us now. parts of massachusetts and connecticut have had more than a foot of snow. any relief in sight? >> it will be a long day in boston, don. heavy snow is reported at this hour with the north winds close to 20 so it's blowing that
never do that or couldn't do that because of the laws in my political jurisdiction or whatever, we are not allowed to do that. then there's going to be other things when you think, gosh, i never thought about that, i think that would work really good. i'm going to take it back it my jurisdiction. probably over the past few years i've got 500 people i've dealt with, officers that have come to the class and subsequently become gravanis experts and set up programs. almost every program is different. a lot of the basis is the same, the information is consistent worldwide but people will tweak what information they are going to use and how they are going to be allowed to operate. some are in plain cars, some in marked units, it all depends how it's going to go. take the information you get, there's so much good information here today and tomorrow, take the information you want, take it back and integrate it into however you are going to work your program. when we come right down to it, it's not important what you know, it's what you can prove in court. probably every officer sittin
% from a year and a half ago when the governor's realignment law went into effect aimed at reducing the prison population. critics of realignment say sex offenders feel bolder because of reduced penalties for violating parole under realignment. and we have posted a link to the megan's law website and search to see if any registered sex offenders are living near you. look under hot topics on the home page. >>> caltranss ant the highway patrol had chain regulations enforced on highway 50 and 80 in the sierra. the storm has dropped a foot of new snow making drivers a challenge. the driver of this pickup truck ended up in a drift a mile from the station. the driver blames a patch of black ice for sending him off the road and the only thing damaged was his pride. >>> and we are tracking the conditions today. what are you seeing, bill? >> it has tapered off since over night at the -- with the big winds and rain in the mountains. things have tapered down. let's look at rainfall. pretty impressive if you look in the coastal hills but the rest of us a tenth of an inch. the santa cruz mountai
on the children we end up with wildly different policies and laws in place than we do right now. i will give you a quick example. i talked in this book about the -- about a hot topic that causes a lot of consternation which is vouchers. the idea that for low-income kids who would be trapped in failing schools, should they have the opportunity to take a voucher, a publicly funded voucher and attend a private school and people go nuts when you talk about this issue. when you hear them, the people who are against vouchers, they say you're taking money away from the schools that need it the most, you are only helping some of the kids, there is another feeling school that needs to get better, to look ate way you'd be etc. and i start from the prospect of saying you are a parent, and your house was zoned to a failing school and you have the opportunity to participate in a program that will allow you to take money and send your kid to a great private school, would you do it? there's not a person anywhere that i have met who said i would not keep my kid -- i would keep my kid in the filling school becau
's it for us. thanks for watching. "early start" begins now. >>> caught. osama bin laden's son-in-law, an al qaeda mouthpiece, now in u.s. custody. you will not believe where he was hiding. >> the dow's history-making winning streak continues as the focus flips to jobs now in the key report. is your situation getting any better. >>> sloshing your way to work. a windy, snowy, disgusting mess hanging over the northeast right now. this is the winter storm that will not go away. >> sell it, berman. >>> it's not a right to bear arms. it is a requirement. the town that wants everyone to own a gun. good morning. welcome to "early start." thanks for being with us. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. it is friday, march 8th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. we'll start with a major very many in had the war on terror. sending shockwaves from manhattan to capitol hill to the middle east. osama bin laden's son-in-law captured and in u.s. custody and in just hours, abu ghaith will be in new york. more on how we caught him and the controversy surrounding this court appearance. susan candiotti is here. >>
. it will not be happening for at least 30 days because that is a period of time by law that federal employees need to be notified that their subject to furlough. that is casting little bit of a different feel about this. host: here is the baltimore sun -- the social security administration said it might shoulder across-the-board spending cuts without spending habits -- sending any of its full-time employees home. guest: that is a good example of how agencies will determine on a one by one basis of how they will deal with this. you heard the defense department saying that it was a lot that as soon as it was possible, they were going to furlough employes one day each week. that is a 20% pay cut for civilian employees at the defense department. each agency will have autonomy in how they implement these cuts. each agency is going to release their plan on an individual basis. host: what about benefits? guest: this will affect -- will not impact retirement plans or insurance. for employers -- employees that received a match, if you're not putting as much pate, you'll not be contributing as much to your
outcast at 0193 or on kron4 .com. possibly it expected an attendant our law enforcement agencies across the community barry. see me as i first come, first served basis. they will start shutting down roads are around the arena there aren't signs posted a and this road will close at 730. the motorcade and recession will arrive at the 930 and 10:00. >> this is one of those things where the doors are open until that seats are filled. >> yes. a lot of seating for the community. keep in mind, they move the year because of the people they think are going to showed up at a lot of the seeds are going to be taken by law enforcement. household, if you want a parking spot your best bet is to shop early. >> we will have our coverage and screaming on our web site @ kron4 .com. -- streaming. it begins at noon and will also carry on our 247 news channel, has 193 or digital 4.2. >> a man was stabbed during a fight in san francisco's a misunderstood and early this morning. police received a report of group of people fighting around to 20 this morning on mission street about one block from the 16th s
. >>> they say arkansas has the toughest anti-abortion law in the nation. lawmakers in the state overrode the veto to ban abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy. opponents say they will go to court to prevent the law from taking effect this summer. >>> and it was an emotional moment in tucson, arizona, for former congresswoman gabby giffords. she returned to the place where she was gunned down two years ago. speaking just 15 words, giffords along with her husband mark kelly urged washington to pass background checks for gun purchases. >> be bold, be courageous. fully support background checks. thank you very much. >> giffords and kelly placed a bouquet of white roses and daisies at a memorial honoring those who died in the attack which nearly killed her. >>> all right, coming up, america's favorite place for clothing results in a new survey that might surprise you. >>> and it's a big day for facebook. get ready for some more changes. >> oh, boy, i hate when that happens. >>> plus the warning for spring breakers heading to florida. you won't be alone in the water. >>> welcome back. the stoc
. this time, the son-in-law. he has been brought to the united states. so, how did they find him? and what is he saying tonight? abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has been reporting the story all day. >> reporter: in the world of al qaeda, he was the guy who married the boss' daughter, which gave him a place of prominence next to osama bin laden. but sulaiman abu ghaith never took over the family terror business and became better known as the loudmouth son-in-law. the al qaeda spokesman who proclaimed his delight in this video over the 9/11 attacks on the united states. there wasn't even a reward posted for the son-in-law on the u.s. rewards for justice terrorism website. but the cia has been tracking abu ghaith for years, according to u.s. officials, as he moved first from afghanistan to iran and then, in january, into turkey, where he was arrested based on a u.s. tip. >> once he left iranian territory and got into turkey, with very close monitoring by u.s. government agencies, he was -- his days were numbered. >> reporter: the turks then sent abu ghaith to jordan, where,
fund financial security after divorces, knowing the issues are related to her ex-husband's law practice. first, how many people will vote? could be a low turnout. just 34% in '05. care to 44% in philly, 41% in san francisco. the second question, will we have to do it all over again? if no one gets more than 50% today, they advance to the one-on-one run-off on may 21st. polls open today and close at 11 pm eastern time. and by the way, the hispanic vote, there's no natural constituency. eric garcetti can claim some hispanic heritage. it's going to be fascinating to watch. this one's not over after tonight. by the end of former florida governor jeb bush's tour, there isn't going to be anybody who has a doubt that he is serious about running for president in 2016. he's reducing this book tour to raise his hand to wanting to become a major player in the republican party's attempts to rebuild. he's not shying away from raw politics. when i sat down with him, he pulled no punches about the mistakes he believes mitt romney made in 2012, specifically on the issue of immigration. >> for a guy who
and that if we needed to deal with the terrorist threat in the united states, we would use local law enforcement or the fbi or other means to deal with the threat. >> let me play what the attorney general had to say. senator paul said i'm not going to halt the nomination if i get a detect answer. eric holder did during a senate he hearing this morning. here is what the attorney general said. >> what i said in the letter was that the government has no intention to carry out any drone strikes in the united states. it's hard for me to imagine a situation in which that would occur. we have within the united states, the ability to use our law enforcement capacity. the use of drones is from my perspective, something that is entirely, entirely hypothetical. >> entirely hypothetical and hard for me to imagine. i understand the point those seem to say no, but it's not a one word answer. >> i'm glad to hear from tommy that the president has ruled this out. i was almost relieved to hear he said later in the hering he thought the use of a drone would be inappropriate. we don't know if the obama administrati
anthony ash's law offense. >> we do criminal defense work. if we didn't believe in giving people second chances it would be difficult to do that type of work. >> ash says with verse now back in society and gainfully employed he has done his research on christman and feels he is not a threat. >> he is physically infirm. he has not offended since 1989, 25 years a quarter of a century ago and he did go through all of the training. >> reporter: christman has about 16-pages of conditions he has to adhere to to keep residence. gps monitoring random searches and frequent checkins with the sheriff's offense. still the district attorney filed the appeal that he hopes will cause the court to rethink the decision. he said that he wants the court to stay their decision to let him move in until the appeal has a chance to be heard. in bay point o, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >>> red light traffic cameras are on their way out in the city of hayward. the city council voted to remove the cameras at 8 intersections citing a lack of evidence that they reduce broad side accidents and police report an incre
restrictive abortion law will now go in effect, the arkansas law bans most abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy. arkansas' democratic governor vetoed the law this week saying it contradicts the united states constitution but the arkansas republican house of representatives overrode the veto following the lead by the republican senate. the aclu is promising to fight it. >> from capitol hill, a 13 hour filibuster led by kentucky senator rand paul is over. paul ended the filibuster just before 10:00 our time last night trying to delay the expected confirmation of john brennan to lead the c.i.a. he is opposed to the support of the unmanned drone policy during his filibuster, the kentucky senator received some support from republican colleagues. and 2 that hours is a last talking in the morning. >> and we get to divide up the talking. >> and now, the showers today. >> it is important. people want to know if they are going to get wet and how the commute. be, and you can see a wall of water coming at us from the west. so, most of us this morning are going to get through our commute dry. a
laws against gun trafficking appears to be gaining momentum in congress. the committee will meet today to mark up four bills aimed to reduce gun violence. among them, a piece of legislation to make it a federal crime for a person barred from owning a gun to purchase a firearm. also under proposal, reasonable cause to believe that a firearm will be used in a criminal act but make the sale anyway would be punished. meanwhile, talks aimed at requiring more background checks fell apart this week. a new quinnipiac poll shows many want background checks. >>> a deadly lion attack at a private animal sanctuary in california. 24-year-old intern diana hanson was killed by a 4-year-old african lion named kus kus after entering the animal's enclosure. she was one of the two volunteers at the survival cat haven east of fresno. deputies were later forced to shoot and kill the lion after failing to lure him into another area of the park. california's department of fish and wildlife are unaware of state regulations prohibiting an employee from going inside an animal's pen and they are looking into wha
to 7.7%. he was one of america's most wanted men. but today osama bin laden's son-in-law has appeared in court in new york city, just a few blocks away from the site of the world trade center. he plotted not guilty to plotting to kill americans. .s. officials say ali larayedh conspired to kill americans. i spoke a brief time ago with the bbc's steve kingston. have an aleved role in the 9/11 attacks? >> if you look at the evidence, no, he's not directly aaccusinged of involvement with the attacks. instead, immediately after 9/11 bin laden called up his son-in-law. the following day he appeared in a video with bin haden and essentially threatened further attacks, so the nature of this charge threatening to kill americans and the nature of the argument is he tried to incite further attacks. >> where he -- has he been since 9/11? >> he went from afghanistan to iran. he stayed in iran for about 10 years before leaving iran. again, it's not quite clear how. at the beginning of this year he went to turkey. the f.b.i. made the turkish authorities aware that he was there. it was in jordan that
president bill clinton has had a change of heart about a marriage bill that he signed into law. let's take a live look outside, this is one accrete. isn't shaping up to be a decent day out there. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. in a rare move president bill clinton changed his mind about a lot that he approved. clinton says he has had a change of heart. >> in a rare move
bay connection over the hill. >> reporter: the chief said there will be law enforcement from all over the state and across the country in attendance. there will be a helicopter fly over and a performance by an american idol singer after a request of the fallen officer's family. the former defense secretary, california attorney general and l coming today to pay their respects. again we don't really have a number of people who are going to show up but it's estimated maybe between 12 to 15,000 people will be here. coming back out here live, you are looking at a picture. we see a police car there, not sure if that's from the santa cruz police department or san jose police department but here for the preparations, for the memorial service in a few hours here. again many people expected to show up and that's bound to tie up traffic on all the highways. for that part of the story we go to sal. >> reporter: thank you. here is a map of the procession route from santa cruz to san jose. the 200 car motorcade will leave at about 8:45 though it could be a little later. that's around the time it'll
. >> osama bin laden's son-in-law is said to be arraigned in new york city this morning. the prosecution says he praised the september 11th attacks and warned this would be more. abc7 news reporter is live in washington, dc. >> officials call this man a key player saying he is kind of like a part of the mob. he. now stand trial. >> another senior al qaeda terrorist has been nabbed, osama bin laden's son-in-law is in custody and will appear before a federal magistrate in new york. he faces charges including conspiracy to kill u.s. citizens. he held a key position of al qaeda spokesman. in this video, he celebrates the help help attack on the united states. according to officials, the c.i.a. has been tracking him for years as he moved from afghanistan to iran and then in january into turkey where he was arrested. when he left iranian territory and got in turkey where close monitoring by the u.s. government agencies, his daze were numbered. he was transferred to jordan where the united states picked him up last week. the attorney general hold are said that no amount of distance or time will weak
come and look under "see it on tv." caltrain and amtrak offer free trains to law enforcement personnel. kaiser permanente arena in santa cruz opens at 10:00. they will show the service live today. parking at depot park is free today. there is a link to public transportation and other parking lots in santa cruz on our website. we will carry the service live from the pavilion here on abc7 news. our coverage will start with our midday news at 11:00 and we will stream the service at >> investigators are trying to find out why a 24-year-old volunteer intern attack and killed by a lion was inside the big cat's enclosure while working yesterday at project survival cat haven sanctuary 45 miles east of fresno. this is video of the african lion. authorities arrived they found her severely injured, the founder of cat haven said they were unable to lure the lion away from the body. >> the lion was shot and killed. our thoughts and prayers go out to our friend and family and to her family at this time. >> this morning, it is said she died at the scene. they are trying to determine wha
up a full bedroom and 36-year-old jeff bush. >> the bedroom floor just collapsed. and my brother-in-law's in there. he's underneath the house. >> reporter: bush's brother, desperately trying to save him. >> i jumped in the hole. i was trying to dig him out. i couldn't find him. i started digging. and started digging. and the cops showed up and pulled me out of the hole. and told me the floor's still falling in. >> reporter: what started as a sinkhole 15 feet deep late thursday night, as opened up even further. it's tom 30 feet across and up to 100 feet deep. >> until we know where it's safe to bring the equipment, we really are handicapped and paralyzed. >> reporter: at any moment, the whole house could come crashing down. >> it should have collapsed by now. it's amazing that it hasn't. >> reporter: here's what's so difficult about this. you know, this ground, the radar has detected that the ground surrounding this house is very soft. and so, of course, that makes the rescue operation quite difficult. dan? >> thanks, gio. you can see the anguish in his brother's face. unimaginable. >>>
including women's suffrage, later became law. one of the idiocy had in 1911 was something called old age insurance which today we call social security. a radical idea, so radical that he could not get any votes for it. it in the 1930's obviously franklin roosevelt, the new deal, the progress of congress, the grass roots labor movement and protest movements of the time pushed the system to be more progressive. and it passed social security. even at the time, the business community, conservatives said this is a socialist and radical idea that will ruin the economy. so it was still considered a radical idea, but it was, nevertheless, now law. about a year go the poll was done of tea party members -- about 50 percent of all the tea party members that they polled said that congress and the business community should not mess with social security. it up the social security was sacrosanct. how did this idea of social security go from being a socialist radical idea hundred years ago to something that today even right wing tea party members feel is so embedded in our society as part of our mainstr
meeting on wednesday. teachers must be notified about possible layoffs by march 15th. >>> a new state law banning public school fees is causing a lot of confusion. the law prohibits schools for charging fees for classroom items and activities. schools are prohibited for requiring students to bring certain materials to class. schools and teachers are trying to raise money for field trips and school supplies. they say they're not sure exactly what the law allows. supporters of the law say it was necessary because charging fees was putting a financial burden on low income families. >>> the finishing touches are being made this evening at a project turning the bay bridge in to a 1.8-mile long massive light show. it could mean big business to the cities. >> reporter: in the daylight you may not notice the changes to the bay bridge. but look closer. those tiny dots on the cables are l.e.d. lights. on tuesday night, the lights go on for a two-year light show. ben davis conceived of the idea. now after two and a half years and $6 million in private funds raised, the artist has made it a reality.
for all members of law enforcement. there is a caltrain stop across the street from h.p. pavilion. well carry the service live from h.p. pavilion on abc7 news today starting at midday at 11:00 on our news. we will stream it at >> memorial bracelets are available to the public in honor of the fallen officers. each bracelet has a tag with an engraving of sergeant i baker and detective butler's badge numbers at $15 each. a portion of the proceeds are coe natured to the memorial fund. go to our website to purchase a bracelet. click on oh sigh it on tv i." >> this morning, investigators are working to find out why a lion killed an intern at an exotic animal park and why the young woman was even in the big cat'sen closure. kira klapper has new information from the newsroom. >> we learned the victim, 24-year-old, was just two months into an internship at the sanctuary. she was mailed by a lion yesterday. we have part of the 9-1-1 call that followed the death of the intern and the lion. >> animal is contained to the enclosure. the lion has been taken care of. >> police say around
: incorporate state law provisions governing community college and board of education candidates; change deadlines for withdrawal of candidacy and candidate qualification statements; change the public inspection period for candidate materials; change requirements for petition circulator badges; delete the requirement that a disclaimer appear before board of supervisors' arguments in the voter information pamphlet; incorporate state law provisions governing signatures in lieu of filing fees; reinstate candidate filing fee provisions; and make other technical amendments. >> mr. chair, is this the amended proposed amended resolution that was just handed to us, not the one that we have in our possession, correct? >> that is correct. >> okay. >> and i can explain further, supervisor breed. >> thank you. >> please do. >> thank you. thank you very much, chair yee. andrew shen, deputy city attorney. good afternoon again. at the request of the director of elections, there are a few minor amendments and what i just distributed to the committee, just to highlight them to you, i've actually colored
. for more go to >> still ahead here on abc 7 news at 4:00 osama bin laden's son-in-law appears in federal court what. he is saying to the intelligence official who's caught him. >> north korea's star. a leader kim jong un makes a visit to troops. >> michelle obama honors several women. stay with us. >>> the february jobs number showed a quarter million americans found work. the rate dropped to 7.7%. lowest in four years. the labor department says lawyers added 236,000 jobs in february. and wages have increased. mark matthews got reaction from workers and nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi was at ucsf to talk about the cuts but we did get to ask her about the job numbers. congress woman pell yosy asked to give her a platform to talk about. >> in case anyone missed it how important investments and science are to us. >> because of the sequester, uc. sf stands to lose $28 million from the nih. the. >> nih funded research identified hiv as cause of aids and that identified pr protease inhibitor that's saved thousands of lives. >> pelosi is convinced the sequester cuts will only hurt reco
this morning bin laden's son-in-law has plead not guilty to terrorism charges in a new york city federal court. aa prosecutor said that he has given an extensive statement to united states officials after his arrest. the court appearance happens after he was captured in jordon this week and secretly moved to new york. some republicans oppose holding the hearing in new york and say he this should be at gitmo. they say he was a spokesman for al-qaeda. >>> the south african detective who was remove from the oscar pistorius investigation said he has resigned from the police force due to personal reasons. the officer stepped down from the force yesterday. he was the first on the scene for the shooting that killed pistorius's girlfriend. he is a accused of mixing up important facts in the investigation. it also came out that he faces attempted murder charges himself for a case dating back in 2011 when he allegedly opened fire on a full taxi bus while drunk. >> a richmond police sergeant is on paid leave after being accused of taking bribes. the times reports the sergeant michael wang is a accused
over the hill into san jose and that's where local law enforcement agencies will join the motorcade. our live coverage will begin at 11:00 a.m. at the request of the families. former "american idol" finalist james durbin will be performing one song at the service to honor the officers. we just saw that on the santa cruz police blog website. we do have a call in to the police spokesperson to ask about any more final details. if we hear from them, we'll bring it to you in another update coming up next hour. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. >>> ktvu's coverage of the memorial begins during our morning news at 4:30. it will continue at 11:00 a.m. as the funeral precision makes its way from santa cruz to san jose. the service is scheduled to begin at noon. >>> in the meantime we're learning new details about the man who shot and killed the two santa cruz police officers lost week. investigators say 35-year-old jeremy goulet was moving out of his house when the detectives arrived at his door. goulet had just lost his job at a coffee shop and was getting rid of his bel
with the california highway patrol. the sheriff's department has been handling the city's law enforcement duties. >> they have so cared for us. i can't say enough about that. and we could never repay them for what they did. and then to honor us, to honor us the way they did this morning, that was pretty special. >> reporter: for the most part, many of the patrol seemed to deal with mainly routine incidents today. some people were concerned about the department's 94 officers returning to work so soon after such a personal loss. >> what do you do? and i want to just hug them all, make them feel somewhat better. so i'm just hoping they are okay out there. >> we've had some time to grieve. now we realize it's time to get back to work and protect our community. >> reporter: and investigators now say they are also looking for this 28-year-old local homeless woman, theresa johnson. she is an acquaintance of the suspect jerry muglay. she is wanted to provide information on the suspect. we'll have more on that at 6:00. live in santa cruz, robert handa, ktvu channel 2news. >>> las vegas police are looking
educated and entertained will retaliate the bill became law except though lobbyist and it made sense but the idea of educating and entertaining that we can begin to meet people where they are is fundamental. >> host: how did they get money at a politics. >> how does it work? >> think of secrecy even the president of the nation's history was prone to that on the issue of drones to killing americans the citizens. >> of president hussein. >> and more transparent than any other. >> and from which the the cost the government kept secrets from the people they will not find a from the government. >> guest: that said but information wants to be free and it will make its way to the public. we live in a glass house and fishable society. the folks like you told us to account, the sunshine laws, freedom of information , any time michael krasny ask for freedom of information i know i am in serious trouble. and expos eight, five per series by definition. so we are anesthetized because we know that gotcha framework will be engaged. but we are past that with the leaks as a perfect reminder that the
be treated equal under the law, and it was a bad initiative, and we hope of the supreme court will uphold the rulings -- it was partly an educational process. we discover as we go along, first of all, there is not one person in this audience or anywhere that does not have a gay person in their family or a gay friend or a gay person that they work with in the workplace. nobody. the normalizing of things, the being able to teach, to being able to show people that everybody is equal, that nobody is different -- if they are doing their job, to not be thought of as different. that is one of the reasons we took on proposition 8. that is one of the reasons we did the play "8," a dramatization of went on in the courtroom in san francisco. we put that on because we want to show people what actually went on in that courtroom. we wanted to normalize it. we find that as we move along, the wind is at our back. it is like we are hitting critical mass. you're seeing more states adopt it. great britain, you're seeing more countries. it will happen. it is supposed to happen. i have said this many times th
's decision to end telecom muting. the move came after marissa meyer checked the virtual private network laws. they use that program to log in when they work from home. apparently it showed employees weren't logging in enough and that led to her announcement last week that it will end in june. they need a more collaborative company culture. >>> they took resident insist the peninsula for a little ride along. they took to facebook and twitter for a virtual ride along. they posted pictures and documented stories on the night while patrolling in san carlos. >> it is a push to react with the community and show them we are on the same team. >> the more they know about the neighborhood and the people in the neighborhood, it is for the better. >> these are some from the event. it lasted until midnight. more than two dozen firefighters will report for duty for the first time this morning, the new firefighters were hired after more than a year of station brownouts and layoffs and $8 million federal grant is paying for their salaries and benefits. they took a 10% salary cut to help the department make
, the rule of law and respect to human rights. senator marco rubio said the venezuelan people have an opportunity to turn the page on one of the darkest periods in its history and embark on a new, al bet it different path to restore the rule of law in a nation that deserves so much better. michael hirsch and "the washington post" editorial writer ruth marcus. good to see both of you again. michael, how might his death represent a different opportunity for a stronger relationship with the united states here? >> well, he was really a unique quality. it's difficult to say what the vice president who will be interim president will do, he was very devoted to chavez, and chavezista movement. he hurled assaults at the united states, so there's no change there. but he's also said to be a less charismatic, someone more willing to compromise, so there's certainly a possibility anyway that things could move beyond the democrat gogry we have seen for the last 12, 13 years. >> yeah, certainly not in support of the united states and trying to separate itself politically as well as economically.
. they find it advantageous to process and grow food or it's cheaper in countries where the environmental laws are weaker than they could have an easier time dictating policies. increasingly our foods are being produced in these countries. if you're talking about organics, it is difficult to verify that in the united states that the product is meeting the standard. we can imagine how this is happening in places like china. >> in much of this and other programs online that >> we have allowed a human rights nightmare took her on our watch. in the years since doctor king's death, a system of racial and social control has emerged from the ashes of slavery and jim crow law. a system of mass incarceration that has doctor king turning in his grave. the mass incarceration of poor people of color in the united states is paramount to a new caste system, one that schulz young people to decrepit schools and brand-new high-tech prisons. it is a system that locks people into a permanent status, it is, in my view, the moral equivalent of jim crow. >> booktv's first online book club with michelle
laws. unconstitutional. they say the law is unfair to defendants who invoke it because it requires the disclosure of potentially incriminating mental health records, while those who simply plead not guilty are not required to turn over evidence. holmes is charged with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder in the july 20th shooting spree. 12 people were killed. and 70 others were wounded. >> for the first time in the air force academy's history, a woman could become superintendent. president obama has nominated 53 year old major general michelle johnson to become the academy's 19th superintendent. it would be yet another first for johnson. an airforce pilot she was the academy's first female rhodes scholar and its first female cadet wing commander. general johnson currently serves at nato headquarters as deputy chief of staff. she would replace lieutenant general michael gould. , of household panels are helping women give birth. what is the connection? we'll explain when we get back. now we will look outside and look at the bay bridge. light traffic but it looks like the su
weight and tumbles into the void. >> the bedroom floor just collapsed, and my brother-in-law is in there. he's underneath the house. >> reporter: that's apparently what happened on thursday night when bush and his bedroom suddenly disappeared into the sinkhole. >> all i could see was the top of his bed. i didn't see nothing else. i jumped into the hole and tried digging him out. i couldn't get him. all i could hear -- i thought i could hear him screaming for me hollering for me. i couldn't do nothing. >> reporter: as this point bush is presumed dead. officials say once the house is cleared away they hope to get a better look at that sinkhole and figure out the best way to fill and stabilize it. they say even then they will not be able to go into the sinkhole and recover bush's body. charlie and norah? >> manuel thanks. cbs contributor is a physics professor at state university of new york. explain to us sinkholes and why florida is especially susceptible. >> even for florida where sinkholes are common this was the godzilla of sinkholes. we're talking about the f
as this week. law requires a 30 day notice. more effects of the sequester when i see you next. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> happening right now. president obama is nominating sylvia matthews birdwell as his new budget director. we're looking at the live pictures now. you see the podium and crowd gathered waiting for the announcement. burrwell served during the clinton administration and right now she runs the wal-mart foundation. this is burr wellhead. her supports say she was responsibility for a series of budget plans that throat surplus. also saithe o she -- she say she bring diversity to the cabinet. >>> it is 7:18. the chair of san francisco's republican party has been elected the first female vice chair of the states gop. party members cast their ballots over the weekend. at the state gop's spring convention in sacramento. it'll be to the muslim region. it accused her of sympathize. not a muslim. party leads have denounced remark. a big name california republican may be getting ready to run for governor. tells the chronical he is seriously considering running against now he
madoro said late today that he is going to be taking over venezuela according to the law there, and the military chiefs in venezuela went on tv to pledge their loyalty to him. the new u.s. secretary of state sat down with our margaret brennan today during a stop in the arabian gulf. john kerry said the u.s. will send food and medicine to the rebels in syria who are trying to overthrow the assad dictatorship. but brennan pressed kerry on whether america will send weapons. >> the president is now ratcheted up the kind of aid that he is giving and who he's giving it to. now directly to the syrian opposition and to the syrian military. >> but they say they have one tenth the amount of ammunition that they need. they need missiles. they need to be able to battle a professional military. why not help them to speed up the process? >> there are a lot of countries doing a lot of different things right now. and i will go back and report to the president and the president obviously always has additional options on the table. but right now he and i think we feel that this step hopefully wi
the memorial service. amtrak, caltrain also serving downtown san jose are offering free travel for law enforcement personnel that might be going to the funerals. a memorial has been growing meanwhile outside the santa cruz police department since the officers were killed more than a week ago. this is a live look at the memorial this morning as members of the department prepare to pay their final respects to their two fellow officers. just an outpouring of support there. and, of course, kpix 5 will have live coverage of today's memorial and that starts today at noon. >>> if you are driving in that area later on today you will want to take alternate routes this morning. that's elizabeth. >> there should be delays on highway 17 with rolling closures as this mile-long procession goes between the santa cruz boardwalk and downtown san jose. they are supposed to leave at 8:45 and get there by 11:00. highway 17 to southbound 85, highway 87 and then exiting at julian street. so let's go to our maps to talk about alternates. unfortunately, there is not a gr
. the law would apply to new gun shops. it comes after neighbors voice concerns over the opening of a gun shop. one member has questioned why local authorities granted permission for the store to operate before it obtained its sales permit. the plan needs votes from four of five councilmembers in order to pass. >>> the vallejo school board will layoff dozens of teachers when it meets on wednesday. the school district proposes cutting the equivalent of 46 full time positions from its budget. the state law requires them to notify teachers of layoffs by march 15th. >>> starting tomorrow, parking meter fees are going up around at&t park. the meter hours are being extended until 10:00 p.m. monday through saturday around the ballpark. the rates will be 25 cents an hour from 6:00 to 10:00. on event days, the rate wraith will increase to $7 an hour. >>> still to come, tragedy out of new york. a story of tragedy and survival as the couple heads to the hospital to have their first child. and cardinals from around the globe descend on rome. a look at the activity that will begin in just hours. and t
is attacking the state's insanity defense laws. lawyers for james holmes says forcing him to cooperate with psychiatrists is a right of his. he's charged with 126 counts including murder. 12 people died and many others were injured. >>> drama, tension, and tears in the jodie arias murder trial this week. she faced some pretty tough questions about death and a coverup. we'll take you inside the courtroom for her dramatic testimony next. so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gp
in our next hour. well, tracking a developing story in new york city where osama bin laden's son-in-law pled not guilty in a courtroom steps away from ground zero, he's more than just a relative of bin laden, a top al-qaeda spokesman, now being charged with conspiracy to kill americans. his prosecution in federal court sparking controversy with many asking if such prominent terror suspects belong in the civil judicial system? david lee miller is live outside the courthouse, hi, david lee. >> reporter: the hearing was procedural and symbolic. and here was the son-in-law of bin laden in the federal courtroom, he entered surrounded by security, about ten security officers in the room itself. he wore a beard, he to a great extent resembled the videos that we've seen of him through the years. we learned a little bit more about his arrest. he was taken into custody on february 28th somewhere overseas, presumably in jordan shortly before midnight and he arrived in the united states, we're told, on march 1st at about 12:30 p.m. that's exactly one week ago today. and he was detained and is bein
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